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Eight Grade Handbook

8th Grade Handbook

Grenada Elementary 8th grade handbook: Information for 8th grade Students and Families.

8th grade diploma requirements:

  • The student must have at least a 2.0 GPA in Mathematics or Language Arts in his/her 8th-grade year.

  • The student must pass the U.S. Constitution test with at least a 70% score.

  • Students must attend at least 95% of the 8th grade school year.  (No more than 9 absences, excused and unexcused combined.  In case of an extended illness or vacation during the school year, be sure to go on independent study.)

  • If a student does not meet these requirements he/she will not participate in the commencement/graduation ceremony at the end of the school year.

  • A suspension from school in the second half of the fourth quarter excludes 8th graders from participating in the 8th-grade trip or the graduation ceremony.  If the student has earned a diploma, it will be mailed to him/her.

8th-grade trip


At Grenada Elementary, our students have the opportunity to participate in an 8th-grade trip that is exciting and educational.  The students and their parents work together to earn 90 points (a point is 1 hour worked at a class fundraiser or $5.00 profit.)  We have some established fundraisers that are yearly traditions of the GES 8th grade.  In addition to our annual fundraisers, each class is able to add their own fundraisers with school administration approval.


Trip Itinerary:

The 8th-grade students vote upon their 8th-grade trip non-educational events early in their 8th grade school year.  This trip is a school-sanctioned event so educational activities are required and scheduled by the 8th-grade advisor.  The events we consider educational include but are not limited to:

  • Jelly Belly Factory

  • Ferry rides

  • Alcatraz Island


Non-educational events that our students have chosen as part of their 8th-grade trip include:

  • Professional baseball game

  • 6 Flags amusement park

  • New-release movie

  • San Francisco Zoo


The 8th-grade trip itinerary is subject to GES school administration approval.


Trip Eligibility:

Students who have earned 90 points, paid $450.00 to the fund or have a combination of points and payment to equal 90/$450.  Students may become ineligible for the trip if their behavior is unacceptable.  The 8th-grade advisor and Principal reserve the right to deny student's eligibility.  If a student is suspended during the second half of the 4th quarter of the school for any reason he/she is not eligible for the trip.  There will be no monetary refunds if the parents had to make up points and their student’s behavior resulted in their loss of privileges.


Parents who have chaired a fundraiser and were chosen in the lottery (if required to maintain the ratio.)  See “Trip Chaperones” section for more information.

Trip Chaperones


Student/Chaperone ratio is 2:1; if there are more eligible chaperones than are required a random-draw lottery will be held to choose the chaperones.


Chaperone Responsibilities:


  • The trip is a school-sanctioned event and is designed to be both fun and educational.  Please remember that it is not a vacation.


  • Chaperones are responsible for the students in their groups at all times.  


  • Students need to be in their rooms by 10:00 pm each night.  This gives them a half-hour of time before they need to have “lights out.”  Please don’t let students roam the halls unattended or make excessive noise.


  • We may see things that our students are not used to seeing, please help them show respect for those things that they may consider out of the ordinary.


  • It is up to each chaperone to decide whether or not he/she wants to hold a student’s personal spending money and/or possessions during the trip.


  • Don’t consume alcoholic beverages at any time during the trip.


  • If you have any questions, please ask Mrs. Charles or Mrs. Lara.


  • ENJOY—this trip is a lot of fun for all of us!

8th grade fund:

Students who have reached their 90 point/$450 goal, eligible parents and Grenada Elementary staff, including 8th-grade advisor and Principal, will have all expenses paid.  This includes hotel rooms, meals beginning with dinner at the hotel on Wednesday, admission to all events, gasoline for school vans, and a flat amount (decided upon by the class) for gas for personal vehicles driven by eligible chaperone parents.


If, after all, expenses have been paid, there is any money left in the 8th-grade fund students will vote upon what they would like to leave as a legacy to Grenada Elementary.  After the class votes and their chosen purchases have been made any additional money will be given to the incoming 8th-grade class.


Trip information:

Students should pack only one bag for the trip.  The bags will be inspected before they are loaded in the vehicles, please do not allow students to pack any medications--unless we are provided with a copy of the prescription (over the counter medications are not allowed without a prescription either.)  Students may also choose to bring one other backpack-sized bag for carrying small items. Please make sure they prepare for both hot and cold weather and bring a swimming suit. Students will be given money for each of their meals beginning with dinner on Wednesday.  They should bring snacks and a sack lunch for Wednesday--we will picnic in Sacramento. You may wish to send extra money with your child for souvenir purchases. If you have any changes to make to your child’s emergency (blue) card please let the office know immediately.

Graduation Ceremony


The GES Graduation date is put upon the official school calendar for a Wednesday in June, typically the next to last day of the school year.   The location of graduation has included the gymnasium and the Grenada Berean Community Church.


Post-graduation ceremony activities vary by parental input, past classes have had:

  • Student-only dance

  • A day after graduation party

  • Community Bar-B-Que


Parents are responsible for decorations, class PowerPoint (if wanted), food planning and preparation (if required) and clean up.  The 8th-grade fund pays for graduation-related purchases until the fund runs out.


The 8th-grade advisor helps with speeches, readies the students for the ceremony and makes the graduation programs.  


Graduation information

  • The walk-in will be practiced for a few days, but high-heeled shoes for the girls add to their worries.  If they will be wearing new shoes please encourage them to get used to wearing them (wear them around the house!) and make sure they bring them to school beginning on the first day of practice.  To honor the formality of the evening, boys wear dark, full-length pants, a collared shirt, and a tie.

  • Wednesday is a minimum day for the students; please schedule all hair/nail, etc. appointments for after 12:30 on that day.  We practice for graduation the most intensely on Wednesday and it is very difficult if students are missing or leave in the middle of practice.

  • Graduation gowns will be distributed on Monday before graduation.  Please make sure that they are wrinkle-free by Wednesday (graduation) night.  If you iron the gowns, be extremely careful to use very low heat or the gown material will melt.  Hanging the gown in the bathroom for a few days and letting steam remove the wrinkles works very well.  

  • A professional photographer takes graduation photos before the ceremony.  Gowns are worn for the class photo but are not required for individual photos.  Payment is made directly to the photographer when the photos are taken.

8th-grade handbook check off for                        

Communication is important to us at Grenada Elementary School.  To that effect, we have a check-off sheet that goes along with the handbook.  Parents and students--please initial in the box beside the topic that is covered in the handbook and return to Mrs. Lara

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8th-grade diploma requirements

8th-grade trip

Trip eligibility

Trip ineligibility

Trip chaperones

Fundraiser chair

8th-grade fund

Graduation ceremony



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After completion, please return to Mrs. Lara.