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Grenada Community Foundation Dinner
GCF Dinner
Grenada Community Foundation Dinner
Grenada Community Foundation DInner
GCF Dinner
GCF Dinner
GCF Dinner
GCF Dinner
GCF Dinner
GCF Dinner
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Raising Money for Our Students

Fundraisers are an essential part of our comprehensive educational program. This webpage is for sharing different opportunities for the community to help raise funds for programs that will help meet the needs of the students at Grenada Elementary. Explore what is available and spread the news.

School Store Shopping Fundraiser information

Follow the School Store link to shop at a number on on-line stores and have the school receive a percentage of the proceeds just from using our link! For more information see the attached flyer!. School Store Information!

G.E.S. FREE to you Money Raisers

This letter is to inform you about all the different fundraisers that we are doing continuously throughout the year.  Best of all, none of these will cost you a thing.  Why is that?  We can make money off the products you already purchase.  Below is a list of all the different things we are doing.


Raley’s Quality of Life Card Do you shop at Raley’s?  Each time you shop, all you have to do is swipe your card and a percentage of what you spend will be given back to the school.  Don’t have a card yet?  Talk to Mrs. Parsons, and she will kindly give you a card.


Box Tops For Education (BTFE)We earn 10 centsfor each label collected.  Check everything you purchase, you will be surprised where you might find a BTFE label.  You can also shop online at the General Mills Box Tops for Education’s “Marketplace.” It is an exciting way to help GES.  Go to (for short) and select “Shop the Marketplace” to shop from over 100 stores such as Kohl’s, Gap, Barnes & Noble, Cabela’s, WalMart, Target, Sears and many more.  Each store gives a percentage of your purchases to our Box Tops 4 Education account.  How easy is that!!!  Also check back to the website often as there are always contests to enter to win stuff for our school and ourselves.


Drop Off Locations – There is a Frito Lay box and drink pouch bucket in the cafeteria for those who eat lunch at school.  Beside the school office building in the parking area there are two garbage cans, one for drink pouches and one for Frito Lay.  There is also a bucket in the lower end hallway for Capri Sun and Honest kids drink pouches.  Box Tops and Labels for Educationcan either be turned in to the teachers, or there is a drop off location in the school office.  There is also a drop off location at 3J’s.

*Let Other Family Members & Friends Know About Our Fundraisers If They Would Like To Help Out.

Thank You!!!!!



Donations are an essential part of maintaining our school site academically prepared.  Parents and community members are encouraged to donate school supplies, uniforms, snacks, and their time. 

Daily classroom materials needed:

 Pencils, crayons, binder paper, glue, paints, copy paper, rulers, and arts & craft supplies.

If you would like to make a larger donation or a monetary donation, please contact Beth Root at

(530) 436-2233.

Thank YOU!